The year 3022 is not a speculation. It is a future made tangible in the here and now. The only
way to come to it is by collectively engaging in a creative act that liberates the energies
held within the Real. Our imagination is a probing mechanism, opening up the potentialities to
be actualized. Instead of asking “what something is?”, we ask “why?”, “how?”, “where?”,
“when?”. Instead of saying “do this” we salute: “yes!”, “amazing!”, “more!”.
3022 is an independent culture platform. Our mission is to empower the self-actualization of
individuals and their communities by creatively emancipating their imaginations of the future.
Our long-term vision is to establish an international incubator network for emerging creators
that operates in the periphery of the technology sector. Free flowing creativity, togetherness
and critical thought are central values that led to solidification of 3022.
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